About us

At Spicchi D’Autore we have only one mission: serve all of our guests with the best pizza they have ever tried. You’ll find us in Naples on Gino Doria, one of the most vibrant streets in the district of Vomero. Our specialty? Pizzas where each quarter is topped with different and super tasty ingredients. We source only the finest local produce, too, hence our pizza dough is famous and well-loved across Naples. Our homemade sauces are also something special.

At Spicchi D’Autore we don’t just specialise in pizza. Our fried vegetables and fish dishes are made exclusively and according to an ancient recipe from the Neapolitan aristocrat Gerardo Modugno. That means, quite simply, that a visit to our restaurant is as good as travelling back in time to where Neapolitan cuisine began.





Monday Sunday 12:00-15:00, 19:00-00:00

Via Gino Doria 81